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So my friend reboot_kid turned me on to geocaching. He has posted about it numerous times and I was always intrigued. Today I finally had the chance to go out with some friends and do it myself. Dave & Julie Collier and their kids Matt and Nate went with me.

The first cache we looked for was near a neighborhood. It was fairly easy to find which was nice for our first one. It was called "Think Pink" and everything in it was pink. The person who started it was donating $1 to the Susan G foundation for each person who signed the log book.

A little bit later we drove to a local forest preserve to find some other caches. The first place we looked we were unsuccessful. We might try again in the winter when everything isn't so green :) On the way back we decided to try another one. Dave and I left the path and hiked about 500 feet into the woods to find it. We got to a decently sloped hill and Dave climbed it to find the cache. We were very happy to have found at least one there. We decided to try and go back when we were better prepared to go hiking in the woods to look for the others.

All in all we had a great time. I posted pictures on my facebook page :) We are looking forward to doing more geocaching over the summer.
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