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I am so happy it's finally consistently warm enough to not have to wear a coat. I am sure I miss summer much more than I miss winter. I love being outside. I have finally gotten around to arranging my balcony the way I like it. I am quite pleased with the results. I promise to post pictures soon. I am thrilled that the birds are coming to my bird feeder even with it being 6 floors up. Of course my balcony is covered in birdseed shells now, but I don't mind so much.

I rented some garden plots that the local park district rents out each summer. I have been there the past three days and these are the things I have learned:

1. "The ground will be tilled" does not equal "The ground will be ready for your seeds."
2. 18' x 36' is a lot bigger in person!
3. Making friends with the older people who have been planting there for years is a good good idea.
4. Don't wear white socks.
5. Gardening gloves are awesome.
6. Even with gloves hands will still get dirty.
7. Don't bring anything you don't want to get some dirt on it.
8. There is not much better than sitting by freshly hoed rows of veggies and reading a book.

I will post pictures as soon as I finish making things look nice :)
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