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Ups and downs

Yesterday was my 28th day using the Wii Fit. I am thrilled that I have been able to go 4 weeks doing at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes. Even more that some weeks I did 4 days for 45 minutes or more. I know that it's not only the Fit (though that has been a huge help) but also emotionally I feel good with my workouts. Best of all I look forward to coming home every day and using the Fit. Never when I was only walking did I look forward to working out. I know that I will be able to succeed using this workout. Next step is adding ankle weights to the routine. My good friend who got the Fit a few weeks after I did just added weights to her routine and she said it's a great next step. So I will look for some this weekend.

On Sunday night when I went to bed I was frustrated that even though I have been doing this workout thing consistently for the past month my weight has not changed much at all. I know it's because of my eating. I decided I wanted to try and fast some this week. To try and make a drastic change from my bad eating habits. Sometimes this is what it takes for me to change a bad habit. So I got up yesterday feeling good about my decision. I had talked to my doctor previously about fasting and I knew what he wanted me to do. At noon I did my workout and felt good (hungry but good). By 4pm my sugar had dipped a bit to low and I felt awful. My doctor called me to say he wanted me to eat something (I was faxing him my sugars each time I took them). I decided that I needed to move a step up. I had a small snack right then (some cheese and crackers) and decided that I just really needed to focus on eating right in the evenings. I am fine until about 4pm, then I go downhill. So for dinner last night I used a smaller plate than a normal dinner size plate. I took one normal serving of dinner, which filled the plate nicely. I was done with dinner by 6:30pm and had nothing else the rest of the night. I went to bed a bit on the hungry side but feeling great!

Today I had a breakfast bar in the morning and yogurt and a p&j for lunch. Of course now I am in my snack eat time so I am hoping tonight goes as well as last night. I am going to help a friend with something at church so my plan is to have a snack of cheese and crackers and then eat leftovers when I get home. It will be a late dinner but I will focus on eating good stuff. I am feeling confident about things so far :) we'll see how many days I can go!
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